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Meet Dana Monette

I smile a lot. I am a textbook geek. I ask a lot of questions and I always have been curious. I learned understandings, answers and solutions are inspired by diligent, creative questioning. Warm, balmy windy days excite me. My grown up kids still get a kick out of bantering with me almost constantly. Kayaking amongst the sea-lions in California and bathing and riding an elephant bareback at a Thai Rescue Sanctuary was super cool. People tell me I look younger than I am and yes I totally enjoy that. I think the experience of aging is awesome. I cry when I am happy or see a great performance. Kindness has become one of my superpowers, my bad-ass is my conviction and perseverance and a few other fun secrets. These are things you will discover about me quickly, but here is my inside perspective, and the Evolution of Align:

We have been taught the answers come from our heads. We just need to read the right books, think the right thoughts and we will succeed in our chosen endeavours. We’ll be happy. But I believe something different. I believe the answers live in our bodies or are at very least are interpreted by them. It is through the body that we can access our own wisdom and wonderings, not intellectually but through experience, awareness and connectedness. It is this understanding that informs all my work. After decades of study and practice it is my mission to teach others to decode and communicate with their bodies in order to perform at their mental, spiritual and physical peaks. I started 25 years ago now studying linguistics and psychology in university, but a realization detoured me into studying the body, its function and capacity. And then it morphed into the place where west meets east, the body is unified with the mind, science merges with artistry and potential energy is transformed into something so extraordinary, it seems magical (not mathematical). It feels full circle that my work today is so much about communications and language, the language and expression of the body, of you.

From working with thousands of clients my new understanding was born, “dysfunctional” mechanics of the body can show us the areas of life beyond the physical that are also blocked. This discovery and approach was so beautiful and fascinating to me – mathematical and practical. Measurable and precise. Visual and consistent. Finding simplicity in complexities. My own pragmatic system for posture and movement correction that creates space, support, and possibility, efficiency, functionality and introduces a feeling of lightness and power into bodies and lives. It became Performance Evolutions‘ Align System. Yes, it’s A SYSTEM, a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole in a way that is organized. But we call it ALIGN for simplicity.

Our experiences- the good, the bad and the ugly can grow us, liberate us, energize us and create momentum and fulfillment beyond expectations when we let go of the need to perpetuate the inner conflict or struggle, pain and suffering. And that is my desire, to share this with you, so you can share it with others and witness and experience firsthand how fascinating and fun and mind-blowing you and your body are – that we all are.


Meet Sheryl Gill, BSc MT

Sheryl is another seasoned RMT who is passionate about the inner workings of the human body. She loves a great puzzle, thrives on solving the most complex problems and sees order amongst chaos. Her studies over the years were directed by the desire to find simple ways to regain balance because as she says “Health can at times seem a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be a secret.”

Knowing this, it might not surprise you that she is also an adept creator and will transform any neglected and unruly yard into a secret garden, a cluttered junk room into a purposeful and cozy living space. A table saw is the newest addition to her toolbox. She is a foodie that can make any comfort food recipe into nutritional power fuel. She was even on an episode of Chef Worthy. She is a speaker with an uplifting and compelling story, her heart stopped for 10 minutes, 10 years ago and she lives to share her new improved experience of life. Her exploring personality makes travel essential. Her favorite recent destination is Hawaii.


Meet Vanessa Brown

Vanessa has been a massage therapist since 1992 but has always had a lifetime of deep curiosity about how the body works. She is always studying, learning and applying, one look at her book shelves and manual-therapy certifications is proof. Shamanic and indigenous cultural practices inspire and influence her as does her pure joy for the well-being of people.

It is not an understatement to say she is an eco-enthusiast and grassroots naturalist, that would make mother-earth herself proud. She lives completely off the grid and even peeled the bark off of the logs for her dream home with a hand blade in Northern Ontario. Vanessa is a true powerhouse, she brings her visions to life and never ever gives up and of course has some great stories to share about that. She will tell you about having a  “miracle” child later in life after decades of trying and how her son finally showed up. Let’s just say, she never gives up on a dream for herself or supporting anyone else’s.

Meet Virginia Springer

Virginia is an RMT who will never burn out because she believes in a lifetime of learning that lights her up! She practises a well balanced repertoire of modalities from specialized kinesiology to acupuncture and is always diving deep into the next book learning her way to new found clarity. She is an example to her clients and walks her talk in the self care department through her dedication to her yoga practise.

She and her family can be found outside bike riding the trails together, enjoying nature with their dog Django leading the way.

The Practitioners

Announcing in 2019

This year I rewrote, rebranded and redesigned the program to be accessible, affordable and global. Now anyone can learn to practice, teach and benefit. Thank you to those of you who persistently and relentlessly encouraged me to share Align with your body, your energy, your connectedness and your life in a brighter, bigger and better way.