Our Successes!

What are our successful clients saying about us?

“I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for 23 years which is a 2200 hour program in Ontario and requires ongoing education. My duration as a practitioner says a lot for the rate of burnout and dissatisfaction in my profession. I am so happy I discovered ALIGN a key to my success and creating a niche market that is based on results and my clients spreading their success like wildfire. I am an avid learner and you simply can’t compare ALIGN with all the other courses. The changes with this system are totally different more consistent and reliable and easier to achieve. ease of better results. People are astonished by the change they see in their posture when they see the before and afters in the mirror, and see often dramatic shifts in joint mobility just in the first treatment alone. The say. And usually people thought that was just a sign of aging or inevitable due to injury and that they would have to learn to live with it and when they see this happen so quickly and easily, you can hear them open their mind to new possibilities they thought were unachievable. It gives hope! They they feel taller and lighter and are more comfortable, are less tense and have more energy in their body then they ever remember. It even normalizes facial structure, levelling out eyebrows and jaws, which is so fun to watch them witness this transformation. As a receiver of Align, I can relate to the sensational effects it creates and enjoy the balance I get in my body and my mind. I can feel my body release tension and I feel more relaxed and tingle all over as I am receiving the treatment. I feel stronger and more centred after a treatment. As a practitioner of Align I love the ease on my body to provide the therapy and how the assessment is so eye-opening to cause and effect. I am in awe of the results that patients receive. It feels amazing to be a part of someones healing journey and to witness firsthand  their  successes in  health, body, mind and spirit.”

Vanessa Brown, Registered Massage Therapist

“Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!!!!  Dana with Align therapy  HEALED ME!!  My name is Kwesi who met Dana a little over a year ago. I was Kettlebell training when I felt I did a dead lift wrong, and that was it, I was on the floor!  My mentor who knew Dana gave me her number, and by the universe she had an appointment for me the next day.  Hobbling into her office, I didn’t know what to expect, she took one look at me and taught me, that your body is multiplication table! Once you know the formula you can fix it!  All Dana did for an hour was gently align my spine and find other old injuries I had well over 10 years ago!  I left her office feeling amazing mentally but still in a lot of pain.  That was on Wednesday, Friday I was back at bootcamp swinging a Kettlebell with no pain!  I love align therapy, because it got to the root of my problem and fixed it, no bandaids, no machines, just healing hands!  I’ve sent friends to Dana who walked around with a lifetime of injuries and pain, and now they have none!  If anyone is interested in taking this course, its worth it!  Knowing you can change someone’s life is worth it!  I’m blessed to have met Dana, and her to introduce me to Align therapy! I’m the walking truth that it works! Sincerely ,Kwesi Quintyn.”

Kwesi Quintyn

“Dana came so highly recommended by a trusted friend who had experienced her treatment that I too travelled over 3 hours for my first personal appointment. During that session I experienced a massive shift of a leg length discrepancy that originated from an injury when I was 12.  There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to learn this work. I’ve been an RMT since 1997, I’ve experienced many techniques  and taken many courses over the years and I signed up for the first foundation class – (Foot: Form and Function) course without hesitation. It addresses so much more than what it appears to be on the surface . Dana blew my mind, she held my attention from the first minute to the last.  The course material was clear and concise, the practical demonstrations were nothing short of miraculous.  The techniques were simple and effective in both assessing and treating my clients and easy to seamlessly incorporate into my practice.  To date (ALIGN foundations course) is still my favorite course of all time. That original course material was delivered as a standalone piece but I wanted more.  I’ve since taken more of Dana’s courses which were full of gems that have proven invaluable for getting measurable results for both me and my clients.”

Sheryl Gill, BSc MT, Health Advocate and Massage Therapist

“I was hitting a road block in my business. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious in engaging with my clients. After seeing Dana for ALIGN work it allowed me to release stress and tension in a relaxing session. After an hour session, I felt the tension lifted from my body and mind and whatever happened, the fun and passion came back. I felt excited about coaching new clients and helping others transform their bodies. Out of the blue new enthusiastic clients who were committed to improving their own health started showing up and signing up in unexpected ways (which also had the side effect of growing my business and my income with ease.) I love seeing Dana for her expertise and wealth of knowledge and amazing results her treatment delivers.”

Satbir Dhillon

“At a very stressful time in my life, I went to Dana not knowing what to expect. I was immediately taken back by her holistic approach to health and wellness.  I was experiencing some body pains all over, dealing with an arm injury from football and overall stress in my life. Not only did I receive amazing therapy with her ALIGN system, she inspired me to get my life back on track by changing my daily routines and my eating habits . As a result, I am 40 pounds lighter and feel like a new man! When I met Dana, I found that I immediately connected with her because of her passion for life and change. I always leave her office feeling like I can take on the world! I now make it a priority to see Dana at least 2-3 times per year.”

Samuel Williams, Entrepreneur

“I am a massage therapist who developed chronic low back pain and I was seeking a solution. WOW! Is what keeps coming to my mind when I reflect back on what I got from taking the first Foundation ALIGN course. It not only resolved my discomfort and provided lasting relief from my physical pain but what I love best is that it actually opened my mind, changed my old stuck patterns. What’s more interesting is that before the transformation session I didn’t realize I was living in a bubble so small, and feeling so insignificant, I mean it honestly didn’t even occur there were other possibilities or ways of thinking and approaching life and overcoming problems. My self-talk became more creative and positive (without any need to use affirmations). My clinical practice and scheduling improved, clients finally booked ahead instead of calling last minute when in crisis-mode or on a whim. It improved my relationships, I realized how I was again limiting myself and creating challenges and became aware of things I was doing to add to the chaos. I became more responsible in my life, more proactive, my attitude changed drastically. I was always excited to take the ALIGN courses, for me, it became more of a personal revelation and I look forward to sharing that with more clients now. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to broaden their horizons, be a better you and have a better and more fulfilling life.”

Loriann McPhee Registered Massage Therapist

“In 2009, I decided to make a change in my fitness habits. As I began to train, I experienced some challenges with my right knee. My fitness coach recommended that I go see Dana Monette for ALIGN. All he could tell me was “I don’t know how to explain what she does, but its magical!” He was right! Dana’s knowledge about health and fitness is phenomenal and like nobody else I’ve ever met! During the first few minutes of my initial visit, Dana was able to assess the root of the problem with my knee. After a series of sessions with her, I had no knee problems and 5 years later, I am still ok! What I really appreciate about Dana is she considers how your body works as an entity, and therefore does not just isolate the one injured area. She gives suggestions and exercises to help the whole body work well! She is results driven and because of that my body feels great!! I continue to see Dana every few months for “tune ups” on my fitness journey.  I now consider Dana, not only my performance evolution coach and therapist but also a personal mentor. I speak to Dana before making any decisions when it comes to my body’s well being. Her caring attitude about ALL areas of your life makes you want to keep coming back. After my first few visits with Dana, I was recommending her to everyone around me!  Everyone who has seen her has NOT been disappointed! All of them are now regular clients like myself. Dana understands what the body (and mind!) needs. Anyone with athletic or fitness injuries or just general overall health issues should see her. I recommend you see Dana Monette for the BEST results your body will EVER feel!”

Dornalee Browne, Elementary Teacher

“I was referred to Vanessa Brown Massage Therapy by Charles at Gateway Physio approx 5 years ago. Charles thought Vanessa could help the scoliosis in my back.  Not only did she help with my back problem, she was instrumental in getting my whole body moving again.  Another important factor was at the time of our first sessions, I was suffering from a mild depression.  Little by little, Vanessa brought me out into the world again by her professionalism, knowledge of her job and her kind spirit. I have never met anyone as intuitive as Vanessa.  Over the years, she has relieved my body and mind of physical and emotional pain.  I always look forward to my session with Vanessa. It is always a happy and positive experience. I will be a client to eternity!  I walk with ease when I leave her office and I smile when I have to adjust my driver’s seat in the car as I am tall and straight once again.  Thank you, Vanessa, for all you have done!”

Jane Mantha

“My coaching experience with Ms. Dana Monette has made a profound difference in my life. Her holistic and science based approach to coaching, nutrition, mind-body integration, fitness and body awareness and alignment has had prolific effects on my life as a body builder and medical doctor. The  lasting and meaningful lifestyle change has helped me  identify those barriers that previously prevented me from accomplishing my goals and reaching new heights; limiting thoughts, wavering confidence,  stagnant health habits. With Dana’s aid I can now glide through those blocks by developing new and structured practices that have since allowed me to take on new challenges and  make significance progress both personally (e.g., enhanced self awareness, personal agency, centeredness, fitness, and interpersonal relationships) and professionally ( e.g., have a vibrant and successful health practice, possess superior decision making skills and resourcefulness ). Furthermore, Dana’s unparalleled motivation, enthusiastic endless energy, and unqualified insight and guidance has provided  a safe, compassionate, and honest environment for me to get beyond some issues that felt very vulnerable and risky to me. Dana was not just my coach; she was my collaborative partner that gave me back my power. She was not only instrumental in opening me up to an experience; she opened me up to a new and on-going life process. Thank you Dana for helping me seize the power of my potential and re-claiming my strengths and hence live a life that is highly productive, balanced and fulfilling.”

   Dr. Pejman Ferdowsian, HBSC MD

“Dana is a true healer.  She not only has healed my physical body through gentle, non invasive manipulation but she has also healed me emotionally.  She’s changed my life for the better.  My entire life has been turned around and it was almost like she knew before I did.  Things that seemed impossible are now very possible.  After only one session I was able to make huge changes to my life effortlessly.  She’s also the most humble and non-judgmental person I’ve ever met, which creates an amazing environment for healing.  She puts me at ease and comfortable where anything that needs to be released can surface naturally.  There is no strain for change, just getting back to your natural state of being.  She has so much knowledge about the human body and it’s physiology that she knows exactly where you need it most and you can feel the healing almost instantaneously.  She’s encouraging and really helping to heal the community inside and out.  If you’re willing, the life changing possibilities are endless.  Live pain free, physically and emotional. I am eternally grateful for the work she’s done on me.”

Kaleigh W