ALIGN Foundations

The ALIGN Foundations Course is an introductory level course that gives a general overview for the concepts of The ALIGN Systems. It’s a one day workshop which is simple enough for anyone to benefit from and helps show a general understanding of how the posture and movement needs to be balanced and aligned for optimal health.  We teach the 13 systems which incorporate movement and posture planes and how they relate to the body and mind. The purpose is to activate the arches of the foot and engage the core so that with every step you take you effortlessly achieve stability, strength and flexibility.  Now “crunchies” or exertion aren’t necessary!

This is the first step to becoming an ALIGN Foundations Trainer (should you wish to teach others) and is the pre-requisite course needed for The ALIGN Academy which comprises all 9 modules for the 13 systems of the Posture & Mind and Movement & Body Series as well as the Lab portions.

The Workshop

You will receive the ALIGN Foundation hands-on protocol which:

  • Corrects your posture and mobility, so you are stronger and more at ease physically.
  • Puts a stop to frustrating yo-yo results that aren’t lasting but to allow you to maintain and improve upon those improvements progressively.
  • Creates ideal support so you don’t collapse under excess pressure, tension and stress.
  • Reduces compensation patterns and resistance to healing.

You will learn the PRIMARY MOTIVATORS & EQUALIZERS in the body and how to:

  • Activate your internal support & stability structures: no more burned out bodies & brains.
  • Amp up your confidence and charisma: “Fake it until you make it” is awkward and ineffective. Your level of genuine confidence and charisma is not only palpable but it is measurable and others can sense it.
  • Align your purpose and focus: Purpose minimizes any lack of focus or indecision which undermines motivation and willpower.
  • Discover your hidden avoidance tendencies and how they hide pain origins and create restrictions that you will assess, measure and then resolve.

Identify how your interactions shown through your specific posturing and movements are motivated and test if they are working for you or against you.

All while you lie down, relax and enjoy!

It’s all simple math and physics, but clients say its magic! It makes the intangible and invisible very tangible and real; you can see, feel and measure the changes.  The results can be extraordinary.

Upon graduating you will receive:

  • An  ALIGN Foundations Certificate of Completion
  • With submission of 3 case studies you may use the title of Foundations Practitioner to work with clients
  • Access to a closed Foundations group for graduates and our community for support, ongoing updates and video instruction
  • Membership to the ALIGN Advocate Program to receive generous bonuses

Want us to come to you?

Gather a minimum sized group of 20* participants for a workshop in your chosen city and receive our referral gift for participating in the workshop.

* 26 people if outside North America.